Different types of poker

Different types of poker

Poker is the most popular game in the world and known letters, however when it comes to poker are not talking about a huge variety of poker, as there are many types and typical varieties of different geographical areas, casinos, game rooms, championships, and even online play. Yes, there are six types of poker according to their use in many games and tournaments held. These types are Texas Hold’em, Double Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi / Lo, 7 Card Stud and Stud Hi / Lo 7 Card.

Texas Hold’em

This variant is the most common and the one with the largest number of international tournaments. When you start the game in this variant the player who is to the left of the dealer leads the small blind or “small bling” and found his left big blind or “big bling” and in the next seat to be shifted left. They are dealt two hole cards to each player and once known by the respective players, begins the “pre-flop” starting the player to the big blind, holds in such a way that the players have three options pass cover bet, raise the bet or retire.

After this, “pre-flop” three cards are dealt face up and start the proceeding flop betting. After this round of betting, another card is drawn face up and starts the “turn” is known as the third betting round. After this latest round letters teach players who kept their bets until the end and win the best hand.

Double Hold’em

Texas Hold’em differs in that instead of dividing three dealt two cards. Of the three cards, dealt one of them is selected after the “flop” and placed in the middle. Therefore, they play two hands, one with the middle card and the left and one to the right. Therefore, the game is bent and thus is named.


Four cards to each player and other five turn’s cards that everyone can see are shared. Two of the only known player and three of the common are used to place the bets. The game is divided in four rounds and bets are made similar to the Hold’em going covering, climbing or retreating.

Omaha Hi / Lo

It is distinguished from the previous one in which the pot is divided in two. One for whoever is the highest hand and the other for whoever has it lower.

Stud a 7 letters

Formerly Texas Hold’em later overtook most popular variant of poker until it, the game is more complicated but it is very entertaining and exciting. Before the cards are dealt, bets are guaranteed in a previous boat. Players bet covering two hole cards and receive a return. Once the player with the lowest card starts, the betting and other players can fold, call or rise to the agreed limit spread.

The fourth card is dealt face up and starts betting the player with the highest two cards. Similarly, one proceeds during the fifth and sixth, seventh until the cards are dealt and delivered hidden, and the last bet is placed.

Stud a 7 letters Hi/Lo

It is played as Seven Card Stud, but in the same way as Omaha Hi / Lo are two boats for the best and worst hand down respectively.

There are many other varieties less practiced poker have their particularities and play in their geographic areas or game, like poker discovered the “License Nevada”, “Best Cyprus Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, poker or discard, offering great possible types and forms to choose the ones you like best.